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Company News

Objects Falling from Semi-Trucks, Who’s Liable?

Capable personal injury lawyers who handle semi-truck accidents are seeing more and more individuals who have been injured or killed…

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The Catastrophic Results of Objects Falling off Semi Trucks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bRZ0R7gLb8 Lawyers who handle semi-truck accidents are seeing victims who have been injured or killed due to objects falling from…

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Featured Cases

A Preventable Attack

Attorney Chris Hamilton was asked to help a theater director after he was attacked in the parking lot of a local Target, resulting in brain injuries. Derek Whitener is the… Read More

Something in the Water

When a nearby fracking operation contaminated a local rancher’s water supply, caused a flash fire, and left him and his family with severe injuries, attorney Chris Hamilton helped fight back… Read More