Industrial Catastrophes

The dangers to workers and visitors on an industrial site are real and ever-present. Large, complex tools and machinery, toxic chemicals, scaffolding and cranes, as well as forklifts and other vehicles moving from place to place can all lead to catastrophic injury when safety regulations and best practices are not followed.

Some of the most common, and most dangerous, industrial jobs include:

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Refineries
  • Construction
  • Assembly and Fabrication Plants
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers

While workers’ compensation is designed to ensure that victims’ bills are paid after an accident in the workplace, it is sometimes insufficient to fully cover all the expenses incurred. If the accident was the result of defective equipment or a careless contractor, a third party may be liable.

Have you been injured on an industrial site due to negligence, defective equipment or improper warnings or safety measures? Our attorneys want to help, and will work hard to ensure that those responsible will be held accountable, and that you receive what you are owed as a result of their negligence.