False Claims Act (Qui Tam)

Qui tam cases are a type of whistleblower lawsuit brought under the False Claims Act. The law protects and rewards whistleblowers who bring cases on behalf of the government against those who have attempted to defraud it. The most common types of fraud seen in these cases involve Medicare, Medicaid and defense contracts, but can also include other types of fraud that impact the government financially. A provision written into the False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to be receive a portion of any funds recovered as a result of their case, whether they were personally affected by the defendants actions or not.

Over the years, cases brought forward under the False Claims Act have helped to recover billions of dollars; all money that was stolen from American taxpayers.

The False Claims Act and qui tam cases may involve any number of government programs, including:

  • Health care and Medicare
  • Defense procurement
  • Housing subsidies
  • Environmental cleanup

If you are aware of someone who has committed fraud against the U.S. government, the attorneys at Hamilton Wingo will stand with you to help bring them to justice. These cases are about more than winning a lawsuit. They’re about righting a wrong.

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