Utility Accidents

We rely on utility companies and their contractors to reliably deliver electricity and gas to our homes and businesses every day. Because their products are inherently dangerous, these companies are heavily regulated to protect the public. The risk of an explosion, fire, or shock is always present, and it’s incumbent on the companies and their contractors to ensure the public safety by strictly following these regulations and inspection requirements.

Accidents can result from a wide range of issues, from punctured gas lines to poorly inspected, low-hanging electrical wires, and everything in between. The consequences of an accident can be tragic, and result in serious injury and even death. Our talented team of attorneys has years of experience handling many types of utility accidents that include:

  • Energized Electric Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Power Plants

When utility companies fail to follow strict safety regulations or to properly inspect their facilities, their equipment, and their work, they need to be held accountable. Whether the cause was negligence, improper maintenance, or a defective product, the attorneys at Hamilton Wingo have the experience necessary to get justice for victims of utility accidents and their families.