Hamilton Wingo

The attorneys at Hamilton Wingo have a well-deserved reputation as fighters. We fight for our clients in a variety of cases, from business litigation to premises liability and workplace injuries. We fight until justice is served, and are most proud when our peers acknowledge this. In fact, many of our cases come from other law firms—and that is the highest compliment that can be paid to an attorney. Being asked to join other attorneys on a case allows us to bring value in the form of our trial experience and our dedication to righting wrongs. We work seamlessly with other firms, using our knowledge of the court system and familiarity with the attorneys on the other side to effectively and passionately bring cases to trial. The attorneys who come to us do so because they know they can count on Hamilton Wingo to bring our fighting spirit and trial-tested mettle to their cases. If you have a case headed to trial, we would be honored to discuss it and how we might enhance the team. Contact us today to find out more about Hamilton Wingo’s passion for working with other attorneys to successfully bring cases to trial.

Chris is not your typical plaintiffs’ attorney. He does not relent.

– Referring Attorney –

They win. They get results.

– Referring Attorney –

I have no qualms about referring my clients over to them.

– Referring Attorney –

Our Clients Are More Than Cases

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