Negligent Security & Premises Liability

Property owners and operators have a responsibility to maintain their properties in a manner that ensures the safety of their guests, employees, and other visitors. When someone’s injured, there are many factors to consider in determining who is at fault, including the type of visitor and how they were injured. For example, a customer who slips and falls in a retail store is a different case than a trespasser who slips and falls on property they shouldn’t be on.

Common examples of premises liability cases are:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Shock or electrocution
  • Poor access to exit points or firefighting equipment in the event of fire
  • Being attacked by the owner’s dog
  • Drowning due to lack of safety measures
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Inadequate security resulting in criminal activity
  • Exposure to noxious fumes or irritants

As we mentioned before, determining who is responsible when an accident like this occurs isn’t always straightforward. Fortunately, the attorneys at Hamilton Wingo are ready to help you navigate these complicated laws, identify the responsible party, and obtain justice. If you think you have a premises liability case, contact Hamilton Wingo today. We’ll fight for your rights and ensure the property owner is held accountable for any part they played in causing you or a loved one harm.