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Troy W.

I feel blessed to have found Hamilton Wingo. The cases that they take, they care about those people in those cases. And they fight for you.

Hamilton Wingo is a firm of passion and values with a complete commitment to our clients and communities. We are honored by the relationships we build with those we represent. Mr. Watie shares his story of being injured after being rear-ended in his truck and no other law firm wanting to take his complex case – until he found Hamilton Wingo.

“I’m a truck driver. So I was on the site picking up some material and I got rear-ended in my truck and it messed up my back. Yeah, when I called around and I called… Nah, no one else would take it, man. Nobody would take it. To them, it was like, if they couldn’t make any money off of it or they wasn’t guaranteed they was going to win, then they wouldn’t take it.

They just really didn’t want the headache pretty much.

But to Paul, right off the bat and told him the situation, and he was like, “Okay well before I say I’ll take it or whatever.” He said, “I’ll research it and call you back and give you your options and let you know, hey, this is what you can do.” And he called me back at 12:00, dude, and he was like, “Well, Troy, you want to…” He said, “You got a case.” He said, “It might take a while.” He said, “Because it’s pretty complex.” He said, “But if you want to pursue it.” He said, “We’ll take it.” I was like, “Cool.” And it’s been that way ever since.

Other companies, other law firms, because I done been through lawsuits before. And it’s like, you call and try to stay… It’s like they take it, but then they don’t give you any information and don’t let you know the stages and what’s going on and all that other stuff. But Hamilton-Wingo, man. They have been on it ever since. And it was easy. Because I mean, they make you feel comfortable. You know what I’m saying? They do care. Okay, you just ain’t a number to them. It’s like, they care.

The cases that they take, they care about them people in them cases. And they fight for you, man. I’m blessed, dude. It’s like, I was blessed from where it go with them. But yeah, I’m blessed, man.

It was the principal to me. I really wasn’t trying to hit him in the head. I just wanted somebody to understand, “Okay, you did this. This is what you did.” So, somebody got to be accountable. So, and they got it for me.”


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