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Patrick L.

I met Paul Wingo and I was taken care of really well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Hamilton Wingo is a firm of passion and values with a complete commitment to our clients and communities. We are honored by the relationships we build with those we represent. Mr. LuCasey shares his story of being hit from behind on the highway and the injuries he sustained.

“It was either a Chevrolet or a Ford that ran right behind my pickup and pushed it off the road, and made a fast right turn off the interstate, and got hit with mine. He passed right turn off the interstate, crossed the median and service road into a field. Then I got injured on my left eye and sprained my neck really bad, and I went to get everything checked.

It was really great working with Paul. He gave me a lot of great advice on anything I need to know, very sensible in the way he’s speaking, and professional. I feel great about the settlement, and helped me through all this, and I was taken care of really well. I would recommend Paul to anyone. He’s a really great guy, a great person.”

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