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Victoria M.

The whole team has been there for anything I have needed, not only medically but emotionally supportive.

Hamilton Wingo is a firm of passion and values with a complete commitment to our clients and communities. We are honored by the relationships we build with those we represent. Ms. Mariscal shares her story of being involved in a big rig wreck.

“So a few years ago, I was driving, decided to do a little bit of driving, Lyft driving, and was on the road picking up a passenger actually. I was trying to help my daughter with her expenses going through nursing school.

I came across, it was a little bit wet that day and there was a gentleman that just came to the side and swiped me and the car spun multiple times. I remember seeing a big rig coming towards me and it just, I honestly thought that maybe that was it.

I remember hitting the windshield and I hit my head and have sustained a lot of injuries from that. I’m losing some memory I’ve noticed and it’s been very difficult, but I am so grateful for Paul, Damian. The whole team has just been there for anything I have needed, not only medically, but emotionally, supportive on every part.

And I’m just blessed. I feel so blessed that I found them. They’re truly, truly a great team.”

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