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Pickup Truck Rear-Ends an 18 Wheeler

In the news, we often hear of 18 wheelers hitting other vehicles – but what happens when a pickup truck traveling at high speeds hits an 18 wheeler? Parker was the driver of that 18 wheeler and shares his story of the injuries he sustained and long-lasting emotional devastation that followed. The Hamilton Wingo Law Firm was able to help Parker receive justice and alleviate his medical debts, as well as award the compensation he deserved for his pain and suffering.

“I had pulled over and, and checked the load securement on my, on my trailer, and once my check was complete, and I finished my walk-around of the vehicle. I got back in and started up the entrance ramp onto the interstate, and once I merged into the, ah, the, the lane of travel I was struck at a pretty high rate of speed from, ah, a Ford F-350 from behind that caused my truck and trailer to swerve. And, it was, ah…

After I started noticing some, ah, some odd signs later that, the evening after the accident, I made an appointment to go in. Cause I’d, I’d notice some tingling and some numbing in my legs later that evening, and once I, once I spoke with the ER doc he referred me to a, to a chiropractor. And I, I went and he, he told me that there was a possibility I would have further pain, pain management needs.

The chiropractor reviewed the x-rays, and explained to me a, about the, ah, the injuries that were s- sustained. The, ah… I had two fractures, ah, in my lower back. Ah, which is known as a, as a parsed fracture, which caused a, a disc and a nerve… Ah, a disc to be herniated, and a nerve to become pinched. Ah, in L5, S1. Um, he, he did to the best of his ability, try and alleviate some pain, and we, we just couldn’t get there.

He referred me… referred me out for, for longer pain management, and that was at the point and time that I, I decided to, to seek counsel. And I I’m very happy that I did, cause come to find out the injuries were more severe then what an overworked ER doctor reading an X-ray led me to believe. You know.

So it, it’s always best to get a second opinion when you’re talking about long term effects on your body.

Honestly the, the, the worst… I guess the worst part of that was trying to expl- trying to explain to an 11-year-old girl why, why dad couldn’t run and jump off (laughs) you know, tree limbs anymore. And why, why dad couldn’t get to the point where he was exercising on a regular basis, cause his body hurt. You know, and that until adds weight to you, and it just… It’s, it’s kind of a domino effect that one, once you start going in a downward trajectory the only thing that you can do is start to look after yourself. You know.

That’s, that’s limited interaction with your kid. It’s limited, limited interaction in her, in her sports. On, on you’ve got to really take a spectator roll when you go from being a hands on dad to a spectator. That’s, that’s a pretty hard blow to your self esteem knowing that you can’t you can’t do what you once did.

The, the process that it takes to, to get from the point of injury until the point of resolution. You know, I never in a million years would I have thought that it would’ve been as difficult of a road, even with this good of an attorney as I had, you know.

Had I known what I was looking at in the beginning, I, I would’ve probably called Hamilton Wingo first before I even went after the second doctor for longer pain management. Just because the amount of medical bills that add up. You know, knowing that there, that there is legislation in place to protect people that were, that were injured in, in a motor vehicle accidents, and work injury accidents. You know, you can get into a legal option payment where you don’t have the stress of monthly minimums on credit card bills, and creditors, creditors won’t be coming to your door wanting to know when your next payments going to be, you know.

And throughout the whole process that… on the financial side and the emotional side were, were probably the worst aspects, you know. And, you grow up as a guy, and guys deal with pain. You know, that’s the, that’s the stigma at least, or the expectation of society. Oh you’re a big guy. You can, you can take it. Well sometimes the, ah, the emotional side of that’s 100 times worse then, then the physical side. And that was something that wasn’t really realized until it was too late, you know.

And if… I hope I never have to go through anything like this again, but if if do… hands down an attorney will be my… my first call. You know. You know, people that are in, in similar situations…

You know, of, of course if you’re looking at severe injuries on scene, of course follow the direction of, of medical staff and things like that. But, I would absolutely, 100%… make a phone call to make sure you were protected. Legally and financially. See most people thing that when you call an attorney that… all you’re out for is money. Nobody ever things about the financial ramifications that it would have on you. Even if you’re in an accident that’s not your fault. Calling an attorney can stop demand letters from, from medical facilities.

It if you look at it, it, in a whole as protecting yourself, medically of course first and foremost, and financially second. You know, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t call an attorney. Not, not after being, being gone through this entire process myself.

I… If i ever knew anybody that needed an attorney, of course these guys would be the first ones on the referral list for sure.”


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