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The Catastrophic Results of Objects Falling off Semi Trucks

Lawyers who handle semi-truck accidents are seeing victims who have been injured or killed due to objects falling from big trucks more and more.

Diane shares her story of what happened when improperly secured objects fell from a truck and hit her vehicle while going 70 mph down the President George Bush Turnpike. Thankfully Diane survived, and we were able to secure the compensation she deserved for her injuries.

“I was traveling behind a truck with a high sided trailer that was hauling building materials. The materials that were in the back of the truck, among other things, were full sheets of sheetrock.

It was a windy day, and so I’m behind the truck, I’m going 70 miles an hour down Bush. And all of a sudden, the wind caught the full panels of sheetrock, about five pieces, and lifted them up about 20 feet in the air. And I pulled off from behind the truck to try to avoid any impact. And I had one of the pieces of sheetrock with my name on it. And it came through my windshield on the driver’s side. It was just a, a flash of light. And that was all I could see. It was just a bright, bright light.

And when I did open my eyes, I knew immediately there was glass in my eyes and glass in my mouth. When the emergency personnel got there, I was four inches away from that concrete median. I tried to settle my claim on my own, but um, they offered me nuisance value – like less than $3,000 when my car was totaled, I had a concussion. I’m still suffering with an eyesight issue.

Hamilton Wingo was recommended to me. And so I hired them, and it was seamless from there on out. I work in the legal profession. I know how involved it can get and time-consuming. But they made it so, so convenient, so easy. They did an excellent job.

I’m settling my claim today. And the insurance company tendered their full policy limits. That’s a long, long way away from their initial less than $3,000 you know, go away.

So if I have any other needs for personal injury in the future Hamilton Wingo – they’re my team.”

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